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Help me Lighten my theme - I'm Paying
I have this forum: which I'm very happy with - BUT I need it lightend up.

The black needs to be more grayish etc..
Furthermore I want the background in my logo to follow the new colors on the board + I want more details on the dog (a chihuahua) so it looks like a chihuahua.

The buttons do also needs to be lightend.

I want to keep the sites design in general and I want to keep the pink circles on the left and right hand side.

Why do I need it lightend?
Because a lot of my future users (females) think the forum its to dark and they can't stand to look at it in more than a half and hour Dodgy so I need to lighten it up a bit without taking away the cosiness - if you get what I mean Smile

PM me and name your price. You are also welcome to ask me if I haven't been clear about something.

I pay by Paypal.

I look forward to be hearing from you! Smile
may be you can find a better theme ; see myBB themes & external link

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