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KatzForums: General discussion Forums
We just have started a new general discussion forum.

You can discuss about Bollywood, Hollywood celebrities, technology, tv serials and much more.

I think there's too many sections, and it's a clustered niche. There's lots of general discussion forums around, and without unique features/looks I can't see many being a success. Apologies if I seem blunt, just being honest mate.
its ok anxiety.....i hope it will a success for me....:d
you should be subforumm better advise your better! !instead adjust to improve subforum

I want as a contact form this on page
way too many forums on your site and to be fair there are some you could just delete and nobody would notice, for example the networks part....why would people goto your forum for news about facebook, twitter etc? if it was me I'd go to the official sites so your just wasting space.

Also the header/logo should be binned, it looks like a 10second job and really isn't doing you any favors so should be changed.

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