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Edit Post Time And Date
Can anyone tell me please if there is a plugin to edit the a posts time and date that it was posted?

If not is it possible anyone can make this small plugin please?
Instead of the plugin, you can easily change it in phpmyadmin.

Generate a timestamp from here:
Then login to your Cpanel > Database Management > Phpmyadmin > Select your forum's database > posts table > and then under post's dateline Change the value of time stamp with the new one generated through the above mentioned website.
Is there anything other than that? i dont like messing with the database lol.
I know there was a smart plugin on vbulletin and it worked great. Not sure how easy it would be to create :/
I have just managed to change it like you said above but when i go to save it keeps saying "No Change"
Can anyone help with this please?
This was so easy, thanks.
There is a plugin for that: OUGC-Admin-Post-Edit-1.0.0 

It adds an additional button to post (visible when you login to forum as admin). You enter thaat area and see additional options to edit the post writer, time etc. (Time is visible as Timestamp as in mysql)

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