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My last post cannot be shown
I use Sql statement to post new posts into my forum.
Inside Subforum, there are many posts i have posted:

[Image: f0d43c2731468248b9c8caea01522eab_39154863.a1.png]

But in "Last Post", it shows me Never - means there are not any posts inside that subforum:

[Image: fbe29544258a99a63f551a448b91fe3a_39154864.a2.png]

I have used "SQL INSERT Statement" with Mybb_posts, Mybb_thread and Mybb_users.
So, what do i do to show "lastpost" ?

Sorry my English/

Who can help me?
That looks like vBulletin to me, not MyBB.

However, assuming you merged to MyBB, you need to run the recount and rebuild tool in the ACP.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Thanks for replying. Simply, this is only theme was converted from vbb, yep, it is only Skin!
My problem is how to show the Last post? Where is It on mysql database?

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