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Need an somewhat experianced coder. ["Paid"]
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I need a pretty decent coded to re-code a pre-coded template, pretty much making it little differnt then what the original one looks like. This involves changing the color of it (I can do that ⌐.⌐). Mainly to just move certain things and align them to somewhere else. I will try to work a "Payment" Method out, advertise your site for a year or so, or if you wish to do it for free that would be great too, I can run ads for you on my website, such as adfly ads or such. My site will get a decent amount of traffic once its up and running. Roughly around 10 visits a day from in a real user (Not including bots/spiders) Not huge but, its money for you.

-Has to have Skype and microphone (If not, we can try to work something out e.e)
-Is somewhat experienced in CSS and HTML
-Pilot and understanding.

Skype: Systemerrror
MSN: [email protected] (Not on most of the time)
Or send me a private message.
I have added you on Skype.

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