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The X Info - Security-Webmaster-Games-Everything
I liked the old one. Is it still available?
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To be truthful with you, I'm not really a fan and if you're site is based on Security in terms of Anti Viruses etc then you've got a lot of work to do.

Considering most anti virus developers run their own support forums as well as actual security professionals you're in a niche that takes a lot to be successful in.

Firstly the graphics are rather poor, I don't really understand what the "X" is all about and the header looks like it was done in paint....I'm a firm believer in the fact that if you want people to invest their time in you're site, you need to invest money to make it right.

I suggest finding someone to sort you out with a custom layout and logo then rearrange you're forums, some of the ones you have are rather pointless, hosting for example.

Good luck Smile
I dont have the money to really put alot in the site and I doing it for the love of the site I did move things around a little and I am now doing only webmaster security. Security for your site and stuff. I dont like hackers so I wanted to make a site to help stop them and I know you cant stop hackers but you can slow them down Smile
ip range not allowed... im not a spammer, nice protection Wink
Thank you I thought if I made a site that is about security I should make sure that its secure. I not sure what you mean by "I range not allowed"
I have updated the theme please tell me what you think about it please

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