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Ultimate Default Button Sets v2
The original idea for releasing various colors of the default MyBB button set came from Audentio in this thread:

However, that release was lost. Audentio tried to look for his copy that's still with him, which he did, but there were missing images in the set.

Since the MyBB Image GDK was available here: - I attempted to rework on the sets and eventually release them.

The license.txt and readme.txt from the MyBB Image GDK package is included in this release.

[Image: weKr0.png][Image: pR9Tk.png][Image: OtcDP.png][Image: S74Dx.png][Image: Us60x.png]
[Image: D6H3I.png][Image: NeSYA.png][Image: EGVIo.png][Image: nweJU.png][Image: nnh59.png]
[Image: RiqFl.png][Image: vUcLc.png][Image: zRjpT.png][Image: 3aJca.png][Image: sA4F5.png]
[Image: BusgB.png][Image: B8kZC.png]
Thank you for updating this Smile.
[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
(2012-01-02, 02:59 AM)Audentio Wrote: Thank you for updating this Smile.

It was your idea anyway. You are welcome!
boss where can i find list of your mods
Nice work...thanks !
I apologize in advance for this undoubtedly ignorant question...
What file(s) do I need to update to use the new PNG images, over the old GIF images?

That is to say, the default buttons are all .gif images. These updated ones are .png. Obviously if the new buttons were the same format (.gif), all I would need to do is overwrite the old files. However, since the new buttons are a different format (.png), another step is necessary.... I just don't know exactly what step that is? Thanks in advance for any help--
Same issue as ebineesey here. How do we go about installing these new images since the img urls all point to .gif files instead of .png?
Just rename the .png to .gif and you will be good to go.
Ultimately, I ended up using the search function in the Template editor to look for each of the .gif files by name and then changed the references from .gif to .png. For the Multiquote button, I ended up having to edit several instances in jscripts\thread.js as well.

Pain-in-the-neck, but it works.
You could have just followed effone's advice. It works.

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