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Not Solved 403 Error with MyBB WordPress plugin
Not Solved
Hi there,

I'm hosting a WordPress website with the MyBB Zingiri plugin for WordPress. It utulizes MyBB version 1.6 (1.6.4 I believe).
I have a version of the WordPress website running, with all its plugins functioning normally, on my computer using XAMPP.
I recently decided it was time to let the bird out of the nest, so I purchased a domain and uploaded my files. Made several backups, imported my SQL and everything worked out fine, except one thing:

When I try to open my MyBB plugin, it returns a 403 error, namely:

Warning: HTTP Error:22/The requested URL returned error: 403 at in /home/p46120/domains/ on line 179

^ This is what I see in my wp-admin panel, as well as on the top of my website itself.

I've scouted Google and in particular this forum for any questions and/or answers regarding the issue at hand. I've tried to rename my htacces.txt to .htacces, modifying it, not modifying it... But all 4 options don't seem to work.
I've also asked my hosting provider to turn of mod_security, but it's a shared hosting server, so they won't do it.

Several threads and faqs etc. stated that MyBB 1.6 doesn't require mod_security to be turned off, because the links are fixed (don't really know what that means exactly...).

Could anyone help me?

The website url is:
I'd love to make you a test account, but the forum is, well... inaccessible, because of the error Undecided.

Thanks in advance.

Not Solved
it is difficult to provide support for external system's plug-ins !! better to seek support from zingiri system
Not Solved
The Zingiri plugin uses a slightly modified version of MyBB I believe and we therefore don't support it here - only official versions are supported.
Not Solved
I have the same problem, one solution does not solve the problem?

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