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Premium Post2Host Forum.
Yeah, TheHostingTool, with a new theme, it actually looks good.
About the domains, I got caught in exams 2 months back, and I nearly forgot about about this project, I just visited the site 2 days back, worked on some ordering issues, now they are solved, I am going to buy the domains this week hopefully.
those 4 members are active thought, we are at 78 posts now...... This is gonna take a long time, but patience is key I guess.
I'd really recommend getting that paid TLD as soon as possible, people want a host that's going to stick around, and buying a domain at least shows you made an investment and are planning to stay with the forum.

In a competitive niche such as post 2 host, you gotta stay active with the forum and keep it growing. If you need to be away from it, I suggest finding someone active you can trust and add as an Administrator to help you.
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Just got the TLD registered!!!
have to forward it now, but the registrar is having some issues connecting with their domain reseller, so all in all, in a day or two we are set to go!
Done!! The website is now at officially!

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