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[VERY URGENT] Forum been exploited !
i have quite alot of plugin , and may i know how did they hack my forum ?
I don't know. Can you post a list of the plugins? Some of them may not be safe.

Also, what is your MyBB version?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
1.6.5 is my mybb version . and here's the list of it.

there is too many.

FB Dock (1.1)
Creates a Facebook style dock at the bottom of the page. Dock contains notifications and list of buddies online.
Created by skywalker2208 Deactivate Uninstall
Premium Attachments (1.0)
Premite poner adjuntosy grupos de usuario premium para descargar los adjuntos en los foros seleccionados
Created by Edson Ordaz Activate
RainbowStripe (1.0)
Enter a strip with text that changes colors in the index.
Created by Edson Ordaz Activate
Simple Audito Video Embeder (1.0.1)
Embeds Video and Audio clips from popular sites.
Created by vbgamer45 Deactivate Uninstall
Advertisement in Posts (0.1)
Allows you to show ads with several different options.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Additional Groups Images (2.0)
Displays all the additional groups' images in the user's post and profile.
Created by Zaher1988 Deactivate
Akismet (1.2.1)
Akismet is a program that helps prevent SPAM on your forum.
Created by MyBB Group Install & Activate
Online Status Avatar (2.2)
Shows online, offline and away status in postbit as frame-like avatar borders.
Created by doylecc Activate Uninstall
Banning Trash-Email Adresses (1.2.1)
Put easy many trash email adresses in your banfilters database.
Created by FalkenaugeMihawk/daniel2037 (Daniel Gatti) Activate
ChangUonDyU - Extra File Chatbox (3.6.0)
Chatbox using file system
Created by ChangUonDyU Install & Activate
Christmas Lights (1.0)
Displays christmas lights on the top of your forum. You can even smash them!
Created by Jeremiah Johnson Activate Uninstall
Custom User Permissions (0.2.2)
Apply permissions to specific users instead of just usergroups.
Created by MattRogowski Activate Uninstall
Default Thread Title Color (0.1)
Allows your users to set a default color for their thread titles. DTC will be visible on Forumdisplay Thread Listings..
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Default Avatar and Signature (1.1.0)
Gives new users who register a default avatar and signature.
Created by DennisTT Activate
Display Usernames / Nicks Plugin (1.05)
Allow users to have a different display and login names.
Created by ZiNgA BuRgA Deactivate
Default Post Style (1.0)
With This Plugin Users Will be Able to Set Their Default Post Style.
Created by Shahaab Activate
DyMy Hide Non Activated Users (1.0)
Hide non-activated users from the memberlist
Created by Dylan Myers Deactivate
Extra Forum Permissions (1.1)

Adds extra forum permissions to your board.
Created by Aries-Belgium Deactivate Uninstall
EzIRC (1.2.1)
IRC Chat for MyBB
Created by Michael Burton Install & Activate
Fast Quote (1.2)
This plugin provide very fast quote option - select text and click button! Quote has never been so easy!

Created by Lukasz "LukasAMD" Tkacz Deactivate Uninstall
Fit on Page (2.3)
[Configure Settings]
Resizes embeded images in posts to fit the page and not run over.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate
Force Postbit Layout (1.0)

Forces all your users to use the default postbit style.
Created by Aries-Belgium Deactivate
Forum Cleaner (2.5.1)
A MyBB plugin to help Administrators keep things clean.
Created by Andriy Smilyanets Deactivate Uninstall
Group Legends By Alsofts Forum (1.0)
Shows User Groups Legends On Index Page.
Created by Nano Deactivate
Hello World! (1.0)
A sample plugin that prints hello world and prepends the content of each post to 'Hello world!'
Created by MyBB Group Activate
Help Center (1.5)
Adds a powerful Help Center to MyBB.
Created by Pirata Nervo Deactivate Uninstall
Hide Links to Guests (1.0)
Show a message to guests instead of links.
Created by DragonFever Deactivate
Hit Counter (1.0)
Implements a hit counter for tracking total page views. Supports unique visitors, spider blocking, etc.
Created by Jeremiah Johnson Deactivate Uninstall
HP / MP / EXP Statistics (1.0.0)
Adds a RPG Stats Counter to the postbit.
Created by Ryan Ashbrook Deactivate
Image resizer (1.1)
Resizes an images if the width is larger than a maximum width given through the settings panel.
Created by Cipher Activate
IP Manager (0.1)
A Plugin to Show IPs of Users.
Created by Yaldaram Deactivate
Index Top Posters (1.0.1)
Show Todays/Weekly/Monthly/Forum Top Posters in Index
Created by Pars, Activate
Its My Birthday! (2.2)
[Configure Settings]
Sends Mail/PM to user on his/her Birthday. Fully customizable including option to start a thread or post and having users add wishes without posting replys.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate Uninstall
Menu Manager (1.0.2)
Adds an easy to add menu system for MyBB. Allows you to add/remove/disable menu items.
Created by vbgamer45 Activate Uninstall
Min. Posts For Attachments (0.1)
Allows you to deny selective User Groups from Downloading Attachments until Min. Post Count.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Moderator notifications (1.3)
This plugin sends notifications to users in the event of moderators intervention.

Created by Lukasz "LukasAMD" Tkacz Activate Uninstall
Extra Moderator Permissons (1.2)
A plugin that provides extra control on Moderators.
Created by Tomm M Deactivate Uninstall
Moderator CP Permissions (1.0.1)
Allows you to limit what sections of the Moderator CP a specific usergroup can use.
Created by Starpaul20 Deactivate Uninstall
move text (1.0)
this lets you move text.. to use do [move]SEARCH[/move]
Created by KingDeath360 Deactivate
Multiple Registrations Detector (1.1)
Detects multiple accounts based on registration IP and last login IP.
Created by Pirata Nervo Activate
Message Bar (0.1)
Allows to add important Messages on top of Site.
Created by Yaldaram Deactivate
MyShoutbox (1.7)
A powerful AJAX shoutbox for MyBB.
Created by Pirata Nervo Deactivate Uninstall
MySupport (0.4.2)
Add features to your forum to help with giving support. Allows you to mark a thread as solved or technical, assign threads to users, give threads priorities, mark a post as the best answer in a thread, and more to help you run a support forum.
Created by MattRogowski Deactivate Uninstall
NewPoints (1.9.3)
NewPoints is a complex but efficient points system for MyBB.
Created by Pirata Nervo Activate Uninstall
No Links Allowed (0.1)
This plugin used to deny posting links before reaching min. amount of posts.
Created by Yaldaram Deactivate
No Alts (1.0)
Stops users from registering when they have done so already.
Created by Pyridine Deactivate
Notify Replies (1.0)
Send an alert notification to the user as when someone replies to your topic.
Created by Edson Ordaz Deactivate Uninstall
Extra Groups To Access The Forum When Being Off-Line. (1.0)
It allows extra groups to access the forum when being off-line.
Created by bubulang Deactivate
Overview (3.9.2)
Displays a box on the index page that shows latest threads, posts, users, and more.
Maintained by Andreas Klauer
Created by Michael Schlechtinger Deactivate Uninstall
Posts required to access threads. (1.0)
Requires specified post count set by admin to view specified threads.
Created by Pratik Unadkat (crazy4cs) Deactivate
Private Thread (1.0)
You can make private matters for the entire forum.
Created by Edson Ordaz Activate
Pro Attachments (1.0)
This Plugin Makes the attachments template more beautiful and professional
Created by Mohammed Zangeneh Deactivate
Profile Albums (0.9)
Users add albums with pictures in their profiles.
Created by Edson Ordaz Install & Activate
Profile Comments (0.9.2)
Give your users the ability to leave comments on members profiles.
Created by Santiago Dimattia Deactivate Uninstall
Profile Design (2.3.0)
Each profile looks like any other. That's boring, but with this plugin every user can style his profile, how he wants. If you need support, you can go here and please read the license.

Created by frinklabs Install & Activate
Advanced Rainbow Colors For All Links (1.0)
Displays javascript logout confirmation.
DONATE and support us if you like the service.
Created by GodFather Deactivate
Rainbow Text myCode (1.0)
Displays a rainbow colour within the [rainbow]tag[/rainbow]
Created by Aaron Clifford Deactivate
Colorful Announcements (1.0)
Show Colorful Announcements Forum Index
Created by LowBattery Install & Activate
Reply to Introduction (1.0)
A simple plugin that will automatically reply to a new thread in a specific forum
Created by Tom.M Deactivate Uninstall
Snow Fall On Board (1.0)
Have a nice snow fall on your board.
Created by GodFather Activate
Shadowbox.js (1.5)
Open thumbnails, images (and much more) with Shadowbox.js.
Created by Sebastian Wunderlich Activate
Sidebox (1.2.0)
Display portal boxes on your forum
Created by Nayar Deactivate
Spell Check (1.4.1)
This plugin allows users to spell check their threads and posts. This plugin makes use of the Speller Pages SF Project.
Created by Teck @ Deactivate
Spoiler BBCode (1.6)
Hides text specified in the [spoiler] tag.
Created by Sephiroth Deactivate
Stop forum spam (1.2)
Prevents users who are listed at from registering.
Created by Tim B. Install & Activate
Strict Username (1.4)
This plugin allows admin to specify allowed characters in the username during the registration.

Created by Lukasz Tkacz Deactivate Uninstall
Kolorowe nicki (1.2)
Ten plugin koloryzuje nicki wyświetlane na forum zgodnie z ustawieniami grup.

Created by Lukasz "LukasAMD" Tkacz Activate Uninstall
Thank You/Like System (1.5)
[Configure Settings][Recount
Thank Yous/Likes]
Adds option for users to Thank the user for the post or 'Like' the post.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate Uninstall
Hide Until Thanks (1.0)
Hide the content of the [hide][/hide] tags and only show if the user "thanked" the post.
Created by Walkman 5.0 Install & Activate
Thanks for the report (1.0)
This plugin notify the reporter user through PM, when a moderator markes his/her report as read. (Settings)
Created by SaeedGh Deactivate
Ultimate Backup Utility (1.0)
The ultimate backup utility for your MyBB forum!
Created by Booher Deactivate Uninstall
User Tagging (1.0)
Adds the ability to tag other users in posts. Also sends PM from tagging user to tagged user.
Created by Jeremiah Johnson Deactivate Uninstall
Forum Userbar Plugin (v30.0 )
What was once a simple plugin, is now a complex board userbar script. It allows the user to display a userbar containing different information on the board, as well as a board-wide sig containg the total posts, threads and users. It now includes a cache.
Userbars Enabled (Settings)
Statsig Enabled (Settings)
GD is loaded and functioning, images will be generated.
Created by Tommy Deactivate
VIP Membership (1.5)
Admins can move users to other groups, e.g. VIP group, and set how much time that user will stay there.
Created by Pirata Nervo Deactivate
Welcome PM/Email (1.1)
[Configure Settings]
Sends a PM/Email to new users welcoming them to the forum.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate
Your Side Bar (0.1)
Your side bar.
Created by Yaldaram Activate
Are you kidding me? No wonder you got hacked, you've installed half the mods site...

Your best bet is to check through the access logs around the time of the attack.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
if for exmaple i disable all & only active all will i still got hacked?
I will just advise you to take about half of those out. The more code you have, the greater the surface for exploiting. Your board will probably run quicker too when the plugins don't need to run their queries.

You should probably change your passwords (admin, FTP, cPanel). I may be paranoid, but it is better to be safer than sorry.
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(2012-01-01, 04:53 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Your best bet is to check through the access logs around the time of the attack.

-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
LoL...that's some list of plugins. You've got problems my friend. Disable any plugin you don't need that's a first.

You don't seem knowledgeable enough to figure out how you got hacked but I'll bet it's one of those plugins.
I have done deleteing almost half of them now i am lefting 10 - 13 plugins which i need (: Thanks guys.
yep - that is the way to do it. I did it too once, and I had to cut back. Have you noticed a speed boost after removing a lot of those?
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