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[VERY URGENT] Forum been exploited !
I have more than 30 plugins Toungue which i need all of them Toungue althought FBConnect is insecure?

TLF Username History (1.0)
This plugin displays a history of usernames for each user.
Created by Deactivate
Awaiting Activation Message (1.6)
Shows a message to people awaiting activation my email or admin.
Created by MattRogowski Deactivate
Add Forum Options (2.2.2)
Adds four additional forum options for control over avatar, signature, quick reply display and post reputation.
Created by Starpaul20 Deactivate Uninstall
Admin Activate Email (1.0)
A plugin which emails users after being activated by the administrator.
Created by Fábio Maia Deactivate
Admin CP Honeypot (1.0)
Creates a fake Admin CP login page, where visitors attempting to login will get a 'Wrong username/password' error and you will be notified of their failed login attempt (and details).
Created by MyBBWebHost Deactivate
Ajax PM Notification (1.8.1)
Checks automatic for new PM in background.
Created by Sebastian Wunderlich Deactivate
Are you back? (1.2)
Informs a user his status is still 'away' while he is active on the forum.
Created by Aries-Belgium Install & Activate
Automatic Website Removal (1.0)
Removes websites from users if they contain urls when they have under the required post count
Created by HostingBuster Deactivate Uninstall
Framed Avatar (Online,Ofline,Away) (4.0)
Online, ofline, away in case add avatar frame.
Created by Bomfile Deactivate
Board Messages (2.0.1)
Allows administrators to one or more brief messages to the forum header.
Created by Alan Crisp Deactivate Uninstall
ChangUonDyU - Extra File Chatbox (3.6.0)
Chatbox using file system
Created by ChangUonDyU Deactivate Uninstall
ChangUonDyU - Advanced Statistics (1.0)
Advanced TopX and Latest Posts [AJAX]
Created by ChangUonDyU Deactivate
Contact Form (3.1)
Creates a contact form for members and guests.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Deactivate
Default Avatar (1.0)
Force users to have an avatar. Set default information in ACP -> Settings -> User Registration and Profile Options.
Click here to set a default avatar to current users which do not have one selected.
Created by Santiago Dimattia Deactivate Uninstall
Donation Page (2.1)
Sets up a page where your users can donate to your PayPal account.
Created by MyBBWebHost Deactivate
Fading Postbit Buttons (1.1)
Makes your postbit buttons fade when you hover on it!
Created by Darkly Activate
FBConnect (1.6.0)
Facebook Connect for MyBB
Created by Nayar Deactivate Uninstall
FBCore (0.0.2)
Implements Facebook Javascript SDK
Created by Nayar Deactivate
Disable Flood Time in Posts for Groups. (1.0)
It disables the flood time in posts for groups.
Created by bubulang Deactivate
Forum Cleaner (2.5.1)
A MyBB plugin to help Administrators keep things clean.
Created by Andriy Smilyanets Deactivate Uninstall
Hide Links to Guests (1.0)
Show a message to guests instead of links.
Created by DragonFever Deactivate
Its My Birthday! (2.2)
[Configure Settings]
Sends Mail/PM to user on his/her Birthday. Fully customizable including option to start a thread or post and having users add wishes without posting replys.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate Uninstall
Javascript Bot Protection (1.1)
Plugin, that prohibits bots from registering using a hidden field that filled by Javascript. As long as bots don't parse Javascript, this can be used as a replacement for captchas.
Created by Paul Wiedebusch Deactivate Uninstall
Ban From LogOut (1.0)
This Plugin Bans Specified UserGroups From Logging Out. (Specially Banned UserGroup)
Created by Mohammad Zangeneh Deactivate
Mapovifog (1.0)
Max Post Views For Guests
Created by Jesse Labrocca Deactivate
ModCP Rules (1.0)
Allows you to add general rules box to all moderators visible in ModCP.
Created by Pratik Unadkat (crazy4cs) Deactivate
Moderator CP Permissions (1.0.1)
Allows you to limit what sections of the Moderator CP a specific usergroup can use.
Created by Starpaul20 Deactivate Uninstall
Multiple Registrations Detector (1.1)
Detects multiple accounts based on registration IP and last login IP.
Created by Pirata Nervo Deactivate
My Awards (1.3)
Give awards icons to members.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Deactivate
My Meta Tags (2.1a)
This adds meta tags to your forums and threads dynamically.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Deactivate
My Proxy Killer (1.0)
Blocks proxy access in a variety of ways.
Created by labrocca Deactivate
MyTabs (1.32)
Lets you implement tabbed browsing in your forum.
Created by Ethan Deactivate
MyXBL v2 (1)
Xbox LIVE statistics for your forum
Created by euantor / Codicious Deactivate Uninstall
Notify Replies (1.0)
Send an alert notification to the user as when someone replies to your topic.
Created by Edson Ordaz Deactivate Uninstall
Extra Groups To Access The Forum When Being Off-Line. (1.0)
It allows extra groups to access the forum when being off-line.
Created by bubulang Deactivate
Online 24 (2.2)
Displays the stats on index for users online in past 24 hours.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Deactivate
Private Messages Admin (2.4.3)
Gives admins the ability to look through their forums private messages.
Created by Aaron Deactivate
Profile Comments (0.9.2)
Give your users the ability to leave comments on members profiles.
Created by Santiago Dimattia Deactivate Uninstall
Quick Private Message (1.0)
A quick way to send Private message.
Created by Shahaab Deactivate
Registration Security Question (1.2)
[Manage Questions]
Adds a randomly selected security question on registration page.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate Uninstall
Reputation in Memberlist (0.1)
Shows reputations in memberlist.
Created by Yaldaram Deactivate
Report Reputation (0.3.1)
Allows you to report reputation if it is spam/abuse etc.
Created by MattRogowski Deactivate Uninstall
Add reputation on new account activation (1.0)
Add rep points when new users activate their account, requires e-mail account activation.
Created by mark-in-dallas Deactivate
Share Thread (1.0)
A plugin allows users to share your forums threads / posts to 14 different websites.
Created by Shahaab Deactivate
Sig Image Size (1.0)
Adds a signature image size check.
Created by Jesse Labrocca Deactivate
Simple Favicon (1.0)
Insert a favicon in your forum.
Created by Omar U. Gonzalez Deactivate
Thank You/Like System (1.5)
[Configure Settings][Recount Thank Yous/Likes]
Adds option for users to Thank the user for the post or 'Like' the post.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate Uninstall
Thread Enhancer (1.0)
Enhances your threads with sticky & closed thread icons and prefixes.

Created by Janota Deactivate
Moderation Tools Select (1.1)
This plugin will pre-select a tool for moderation options.
Created by Xerotic Deactivate
Welcome PM/Email (1.1)
[Configure Settings]
Sends a PM/Email to new users welcoming them to the forum.
Created by - G33K -

Are any of them known for exploits? my loading time for all pages is around 0.2 - max around 1 second. 6 CORES FTW.
FBConnect needs to be updated to 1.6.1 IIRC.
PGP Key (Fingerprint: 23B6 F4C0 FE2D 45AA 61A0 1E86 DB87 09DC DD87 6E40)
That's a badass plugin collection, man. Why would anyone install such an amount of third-party software? Seriously, if you absolutely can't live without those you have to ask yourself if it is not better to just use a commercial forum with many functions built-in and first-party supported. The risk of being hacked is just not worth it man.

If you manage a public forum you have to take responsibility. I would NEVER register on a forum when I know that it's using an lime amount of third party plugins since it's bound to be hacked.

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