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Spammer users?
I tend to ban, though I also use the MyBB pruner to get rid of zero-post spammers.
I use GoodbyeSpammer to ban them and remove all their posts. 1-2 times per year I purge all zero-post users so they get deleted in the end.
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I ban, then every so often go through and add emails to the banned-email-list so they can't re-register when possible, then delete the users who's emails match the newly banned one. Which reminds me, I need to do that sometime soon.

Helps keep database usage down, and keeps it from looking like we're lying to visitors about our activity.
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I delete spam bots, as I want my Posts-per-user stats to be accurate Toungue
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When I run a site, I ban those that make a spam post, and delete those that are inactive for 30 days after registration after adding their emails to the banned-emails list.

Right now I don't have hosting (and can't afford it), but that's what I do when I do have a site to manage.
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(2012-01-02, 04:08 AM)Mebes Net Wrote: DELETE. Every month I go through the member list and delete every member who has a zero post post count. Most administrators ban they just so the user can stay in the DB and contribute their count to the statistics. Banned spam accounts or junked threads only add a sad layer of allusion to the public statistics. I think it's pathetic to lower your DB to such a standard.

Disagree. Most ban to either keep UID's efficient, keep details, prevent same username-registration and others. I don't think many care about user count anyway, it's the least of my concerns anyway. By the way, do you manually go through the list? No need, use the prune mod.

I ban now, I made the mistake of deleting 7 I think when I literally installed. Done my head in to have 7 members registered about 10 minutes after installing the board. But it also done my head in for the latest UID's to be off by 7 -.- so yeah, I ban now. I used Goodbye spammer on my other site.
It's not the username being re-used that's an issue for me, I think that's automatically generated anyway or inputted.

But the E-Mail address could definitely be re-used!
You know, in hindsight, a plugin where you ban someone due to spamming, their name changes. (or their email get's added to the blacklist)

The latter likely exists correct?
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Prune 0 posts'ers, ban the rest.
Deleting content can create gaps in a discussion.

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