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Check out my board
here is the link of my board click here, i am using a style from invision board, that i like, so i took the category and thead_bg, images, and make a theme similar, i am working on the new thread and reply button and other things to make my forum look better, please tell me what you think.
[Image: logo.png]
Looks nice.

You'll be pleased to know that in the next release the avatar selection pages have been improved and now contain galleries to sort all of your avatars out. Smile

Just one question... who would need 579 avatars?
Very nice. But there is one thing though. Make the color hover for the menu links to be something other than white or bright grey. Make it a shade brigther than the black.
Rate me if I have helped you
I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with MyBBThemes
you stole the colours and alot of the gradiant images from a IPB 1.3 skin did you get permission to use them?
i did ask Scyth for permission a day ago, but i still haven't get his reponse he hasn't been online for like a week, still i am giving him credits, is on the footer, i just need his reponse, if he say nom than i will make my own skin.
[Image: logo.png]
thats still not right, i suggest not using the skin until you have his permission totally.
Well than i will make, my own them, it will only take some hours, and i will make it cool.
[Image: logo.png]
i dont mean to sound angry or anything sorry Smile. If you need any help with GFX just ask.
thanks, but i am making it on my own.
[Image: logo.png]

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