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Kaironews beta : A Kairosoft Fan Community
[Image: logo.png]

I am pretty new here.
I am a big fan of kairosoft games and so on advice of a guy here I started a forum with mybb called Kaironews.

It is a Fan community of Kairosoft games.

About Kairosoft :
kairosoft is a popular mobile game company from Japan and it makes simulation games for Android and IOS.

Their website is :

There are more than a dozen games released by them.
But communities providing support in English or fan site is absent.

As I am new I started this forum with a domain which is temporary for building the community.
So I hope any of kairosoft fans in here will help me in building the site and make the forum successful.
Also we heed some enthusiasts to help in moderation of the forum.

Here is the link :
Sorry i posted wrong url.
Thank you pdtrx.
I will get domain asap once site is built.

Thank you
Any Kairofans here i need help.

If so pm me.
I need moderators and active participants
Nod32 flags almost all of the I do not see many visitors coming anytime soon.
Are you able to translate ?
That already would be a good support platform, if not I'm happy to help.
Just send me a message.

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