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My New Website.
Hey all, Ive finally got a new website. I dont know what the user turn out will be like, I hope it will be good. The site is generally about High School. The Idea for it came to me when a friend was in summer school and had nothing to do. Hopefully during this up and comming year, my High School wont block it. we all know that in high school there is nothing to do when your done with your work, and your sitting in front of a computer, So My idea was LETS POST!!! Chat with people, and all the other fun things that come along with haveing a fully loaded forum.

Hope you all like it and decide to join. Dont worry, Even if your not in high school, You can still join. There is nothing against that and I do encourage High School Alumni to join as well.

// The link:


Im hoping to get a site going soon as well. I've not really planned any content for the site, I'm sure that some kind of content will pop into my head.
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it looks good. great theme you chose for you boardSmile
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The only reason I choose that one is because I have access to site templates as well. I know the person who made that theme, I also like that theme. Just the way the colors are chose and used.
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