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[WIP] Construct theme
This is my "Construct" theme and my first theme all together for that matter. This is solely a psd right now, just trying to get feedback.

Just getting suggestions, and is NOT complete.


The green is very overpowering. Your sig is very nice, and you should base your color proportions on it. As it is now the green would fry visitors' eyes.
[Image: LogoO.png]
I thought as is version 2.

Removed all greens and faded with dark greys
Added blues

Ty for the suggestion Big Grin
I thought the shade of green was okay, there was just way too much of it. v2 would be fine if all of the blue and that light greenish color were the original green. Perhaps have the logo text be green as well, and the panel part with the "User CP - PMs - Logout" have the background green.

There are plenty of blue/teal themes around. We need better not-blue/teal themes. This one shows promise. I'm making a brown/orange theme for my site that is inadvertently turning out tableless, and depending on how this turns out I might borrow a couple of ideas from your design.
[Image: LogoO.png]
Currently at work but will fix up tomm. Thx fyre

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