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Not Solved need help
Not Solved
doing some thanks
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With hosting, you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you get very little. If you pay for hosting, you get a better service.

I don't really know what other suggestions you're expecting to receive here. It's not something you'd be able to fix by just changing a setting. At the moment the cause of the problem is unknown, but it's likely to be the host, thus changing to a decent host would be the first thing to do.
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Not Solved
ok i will tell my friend
can you recommend some hosts
Not Solved
(2012-01-08, 12:32 AM)BeastlyHobos Wrote: ok i will tell my friend
can you recommend some hosts

You're probably needing shared hosting.

I'd recommend and You might also want to check on, some long time members here are using them.
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Have a look here for hosts:
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thanks guy
Not Solved
I run the business plan from:

It's been very good to me but may or may not fill your needs. As we do not need dedicated server space, you may feel the need to have more etc...

Hope it helps.

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