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hello a new one here, from hack forums i came across this forum.i have programmed some applications in for windows. so i want to ask some question,s i have downloaded mybb so i like the forum idea i want to host
this one on my machine what software you recommend for hosting on windows.
a dual core is enough i think what should be configuration of system and net connection.
hope i have posted on a write place.Smile
Depends what you want to run it on Wink.

Are you gonna run IIS or Apache? MySQL?

If it's IIS + anything, any windows XP Home server with a 3ghz Pentium four can run around 30 users well. I recommend something beefier, and apache.
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thanks one more question if i want to do some modifications what ide i shoud use i have never code in php. and if it is allowed. and some guidence also needed how much speed and bandwidth.Wink if there is any table i want to try iis and mysql
MyBB is open source, you can do whatever you want to it.

Speedwise, (assuming you mean upload and download speed) It depends the usuage among other things.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
I recommend Aptana Studio for an IDE. It is pretty efficient and fast, and has some pretty good debugging and autocompletion.
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