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Not Solved Honest opinion on creating something like this
Not Solved

I have went through the Showcase feature of MyBB and unfortunately an overwhelming amount of the forums submitted either violated the TOS or have expired.

Given that, there was one forum design in particular that really caught my eye and fits much of what I would like to do with our forum and that is the Silvertails site I listed above.

I have tried to contact the person who submitted it here but have not heard anything back from him/her. As it is, I think I will be resigned to creating/cloning this layout myself but am not sure how over the top complex something like this might be.

Would appreciate any input from the others here before jumping into a project like this.

Thanks, Mike
Not Solved
Well you should of posted this in the "Themes Development" area mostly, but it's your opinion if you want to go create a theme like that or not. I'm sure that you'll need to get permission from the person who created that theme first in order to "clone" it. I'd suggest different images instead of using the default MyBB ones so it looks better.
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That is not what I meant - to literally clone it. I mean to replicate the layout and functionality. That's all

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