urgent : in which file moderation links placed like edit post, delete post
i want to hide moderation block on some custom situation like

if ** minutes past of posting a thread.
or if ** user is logged in and we want to hide thread/post edit , delete button/link.

if i see in web page i get this section.
<div class="post_management_buttons float_right"><!-- start: postbit_edit -->
<a id="edit_post_17" href="editpost.php?pid=17"><img title="Edit this post" alt="Edit this post" src="images/english/postbit_edit.gif"></a>

how i can hide this section from plugin?
i do not see in any file. where is this coding written?

With Regards and many thanks.
<!-- start: postbit_edit --> tells that template is postbit_edit AND href="editpost.php tells that required action is to be initiated from editpost.php file
i want to remove this code from plugin,

this code is not working

what to do?

in my plugin ::

$plugins->add_hook("postbit", "xplug_start");

function xplug_start(){
eval("\$postbit_edit = \" \";");
With Regards and many thanks.

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