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[Request] Group Ranks
Hello me and my friend are in need of some group ranks and have some costume ranks that no body else has. And if you can make them for us great! If not then there is no worrie, but here is the task. Our website is a CoD fan site and need the 1-15 black ops prestiges and all of your staff members. Here are the exact ones I need with their color.

*Admin Color code - FF0000
*Super Moderator Color code - bc00ba
*Moderator Color code - 7FFF00
*MOTM (this means "Member of the Month") Color code - fffc00
*Promoter Color code - FFA500
*Designer Color code - f6508

As for the 1-15th Black Ops prestiges make sure you have the Emblem next to it and the back ground black please. Here is a link to the prestige emblems

And for the staff members could you have the stars with it also? And or maybe animated would be nice.

If you want to check out the website to confirm anything or just to check out the colors go to
How much are you willing to pay for this?

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