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Gama - Design
Hello. At the beggining big thanks to MyBB team for great forum engine and to Justin S. for theme that i modified to make my forum look like portfolio.

So, its my portfolio. I show there my projects and i announce new projects Smile
Site is in Polish language because I'm from Poland. Yes, im proud to be Polish.

Anyway i modofied theme editing not only CSS but template bits too. It's cool to play with it for me.

Visit my portfolio at and my forum at and rate it. I want to see yours opinion.

Cheers and sorry for my poor English Smile
Looks nice, good theme and idea for the forum (I had to translate though Smile) I suggest getting some more topics and content on your forum.
Forum looks nice, green is very bright mind.

Unless all them forums are needed, get rid of some, get some content and good luck to you Smile
Weather Lounge - Weather Discussion Forums
Super green.

Like the theme, although i think the contrast is too high (bright green <-> white). After a while one gets eyepain Wink

Fajne forum.

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