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Yes: Update style in docs
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7 50.00%
No: Don\'t move and delete the files as suggested
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2 ideas for the same feature
I noticed, in the downloadable pack, you have two folders, upload and docs.

1) the docs need to be updated to suit the theme of the new site if not done already.

2) why not move docs/ to upload/install/docs/ and link to it during the install process, eg: if this is you first time installing myBB, and you would like some help installing, go here: link to docs here. And then get rid of the old docs folder, and move all the files from upload/ to / and delete upload/

Reason 1) Cause it looks better.

Reason 2) I notice lots of people dont see/read the files in the doc folder, and having a link that way would help. Also, lots of people have http://www.domain.com/forum/upload/ as the url. It would be less confusing it you got rid of the upload/ folder altogether.

So, what do you think?? Vote in the poll.
I agree with both Big Grin
Peter Akkies

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