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Not Solved Help with viewing permissions
Not Solved
Hello, I have just got the Page Manager Plugin for my forums and I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that only a certain group can view/go to this page as in I only want the staff of the forums to view the page and no one else. Is it possible to do this? or should I use something different for pages so that I can do this? Thanks.
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Not Solved
if it is php code then you can use code similar to below :

PHP Code:
if (in_array($GLOBALS['mybb']->user['usergroup'], array(3,4,6)))
// your content for staff 

if you are using regular html code then try template conditionals plugin and use code similar to below

PHP Code:
<if  in_array($GLOBALS['mybb']->user['usergroup'], array(3,4,6)) then>
// your content for staff 

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