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Requiring a registration code at signup - how?
Hi again,

is it possible to create a custom field that is required by the user to be filled in at registration, AND have the input of that user checked against a list of options (which are hidden to the user!), in order to only allow the user account to be created if they enter a code that is contained in that list?

The intention is to have a very closed forum where users will have to receive their registration code beforehand, which they will only receive after they have gone through a verification process beforehand that proves that they are who they claim to be.

(That identity verification process it not the subject of this thread; all I want to know is how to create the special custom field as described above.)

This mod comes closest to what I want:

but what I need is basically just one single question ("Please type in the registration code that you received from us!"), and tens of thousands of possible allowed answers, which would simply be a list of heaps of unique registration codes.

Any advice very much appreciated!


you can use above plugin along with it you can also remove register link from the forum
( you have to mail the registration link to your potential members ... )
or maybe you can use the invitation system from here
take a look and see if it helps.
Hi again,

I'm not only blown away by MyBB features, I'm also amazed at how fast and how precisely my questions here in the community are being answered.

Thanks guys, fantastic information. I think I'll be able to take it from here re the registration codes.


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