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[For 1.6] [Plugin] Download
Plugin Name: Downloads
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Email: [email protected]
Plugin Version: 1.4
MyBB Plugin Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Language: English

Updated Downloads v2.0
  • You can add more than one link in the downloads.
  • Have been fixed all the bugs.
  • The author's avatar is displayed to see the download.
  • Author Information you show to see the download.
  • Plugin a bit more optimized.
  • List-style category index
  • Ficons in category
  • Updates segunridad as the previous version allowed sql injection through the comments!
    [/ List]

    Official Download

    official Spanish translation
    • Waiting for Validation

    Downloads v1.0

    Hello friends MyBB-It's good the truth is to stop creating plugins for personal reasons (girlfriend, friends, school, etc.) lived above me on the PC now I live by the street haha ​​so I have little time to develop plugins but even so they'll be even more updates and Bringing about Wink

    Long time (months) cree this plugin and leave it half-grown, then resume the project and finish it, as 2 0 3 months after I asked to Bour Elvan to publish it on my porq I had no time but he also has things to and therefore do not have time and like other 2 months later I decided to publish it before I forget.
    It is a plugin which develop what it does is to add a page to download .. more you download is a linkeo since overwhelm your space. As I see it is a well-developed plugin and I dare say that cost me maybe a little more than the PIP as its administration panel is very well developed!
    The plugin creates a 'panel' in the ACP called Downloads where within that encounter.

    This part meustran files or downloads and created, from there you can modify, delete or make new ones. Inside you can put new file name, short description, description wide (accepts HTML), cover, order, file url, if you can comment on that download, select the category, if that discharge will be active, user groups NO can see that download and how many images will have. Then from there you create the download and will be visible to users.

    As mentioned above files are put in a category and from this module you believe it. appear on page downloads.php actegorias list and from there you enter a category and within files will be in this category.

    Validate downloads
    Well this was the last option that I added the plugin, mmm good to walk into any category (normal user) appears in the list of topics forumdisplay and up and down the back button issue, it is the same except that in downloads page then from there you can also create user downloads.
    To avoid unwanted things such as porografia and SPAMM in discharges from the configuration can be set if downloads are validated or not if you put that if validated in this module downloads all downloads were added entnces created as a user if I do not think shock be shown until some manager or any with access to the GPA to validate the download ..

    More Options
    Well in this option appears ALL files or downloads and biene a small table on which are
    • Topic
    • Posts
    • Reputation
    • Time Online
    this is so that in each of the downloads can implement an optional extra for example: There is a discharge of an operating system created private and I think that download is very very good from this module 'more options' look for the download and put edit and put only the user can view it with more than 10 topics, 80 posts, 15 reputation and more than 15 days online and only users who meet these requirements will be able to see the download. Within this module is the option (on a tab) massive editing that does the same but editing all downloads or all discharges within a category.

    Well the configuration is conpuesto of 4 tabs (for jQuery) which are
    • General
    • Comments
    • Extras
    • Images

    within the tab General are:

    Enable Downloads
    This option is to enable or disable the plugin

    Users can create downloads
    This option is for downloads if users believe here describe the environmental option button will not appear no new discharges into categories and even try to enter through URL will send error.

    Validate downloads
    This option only works if the top is branded itself. If this option is active the users to create a discharge will not be displayed because it will go to the list of downloads and validations will be displayed in the list of files only when the administrator (s) validation. If disabled users to create a download automatically be displayed next to the others.

    Groups that can create downloads
    Here is a multiple choice box with all user groups and from ai you select the user groups can create downloads YES (only if you selected the option 2)

    Categories per page
    here put the number of categories to display per page. example if you put 10, and 15 in a page created downloads.php appear just below 10 and the paging and the following 5 will be on page 2

    Archives page
    Here is the same as above but these are the files within the categories.

    within the tab Comments are:

    Allow HTML
    Is to activate the option to allow HTML in comments

    Allow BBCode
    Is to activate the option to allow BBCode in comments

    Enable Smilies?
    Is to activate the option to allow Smilies in comments

    Allow Images
    Is to activate the option to allow images in comments

    Allow Profanity
    Is to activate the option to allow Profanity in comments

    BBCode Show Editor
    This option is to display the BBCode editor on the textarea where comments are written

    within the tab Extras are:

    created allowed downloads
    Here you enter the number of downloads allowed to create each user.

    Required topics
    Here ingersas the number of issues that require users to create a download.

    Posts required
    Here ingersas the number of posts that requires users to create a download.

    and see to Points
    Here ingersas the number of reputation that requires users to create a download.

    Time required online
    Here ingersas the time line that requires users to create a download.

    within the tab image are:

    Show the cover to download list
    This option is to show the cover of the discharge in the list of categories.

    Size category cover
    Here you enter the size (in px) separated by an X to show the cover image in the list of categories (only if you selected the option above)

    Maximum size of the cover
    Here you enter the size (in px) separated by an X to show the image of the cover within the download

    Maximum size of the images
    Here you enter the size (in px) separated by an X to show the images of the download.

    Here are shown all the templates created by the plugin and from here you can change them!

    * Do not put the pictures in IMG tag because only allows 10 and take 15 Wink so watch them as well.
    I put down as you want the 10 most important ...
    New Category:
    category List:
    New Download:
    Add images to re-download:
    List of files:
    Configuration (General):
    Configuration (Comments):
    Configuration (Extras):
    Configuration (Pictures):
    page downloads.php (start):
    List of files (within category)
    File (Preview)
    New download (normal user):
    Wait validation (message):
    Define new download:

    (Img tags removed by Omar.)

Thread approved.
Anyone tested this yet ?
Looks like a big project, thanks.
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation

If someone has time to test if this is a real good download system without causing any issues, please let me know.

Thank you.

very nice plugin !! but would be nice to get option to see links for guests... i want to make download category with link without registration... is it possible ?
Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea. But what is redicolous is that there is no info or manual that says where for example category images go. There is no info what so ever. I tried it, but it said "FAILED TO COPY IMAGE"

Where do the files go ? It is required to have them, but I have no idea which folder to use, obviously needs write permission for that folder. But how do I find out which ?

Any help is appreciated.



Ok, after finding out that I have to create my own folder in the images folder, called downloads, and give that 777 as folder permissions, then it works. Something weird however.

Lets say I create a new file (in AdminCP) and define 1 image to be used for this download, on the page of the actual download that image shows up twice. Once in the header/top of that particular download, and once in the description of the file. Thats not good. Only showing this picture once should be enough.

Also, when you click on download, it gets you to a black page with a MyBB logo. The download starts, but why go to that unnecessary page ?

I hope the Plugin Author could clarify some of these things I mentioned above. This Plugin has potential, thats for sure. But its some time to go before.

I hope there will be support for this.

Thank you.


P.S: Maybe one thing first, a real english translation without weird characters. Wink
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Hi Edson Ordaz ,

Thanks for the Plugin, its Amazing you work!

I was test in the MyBB 1.6 and work perfect!

Any Update to the Software MyBB 1.8.x ?

it would be very interesting to update... I can work with test or collaborate in the plugin!

Thanks So Much! 
Amazing Plugin...  Cool
Author Last visit: 03-02-2014, 10:37 PM
(2016-04-01, 07:34 AM)darkhk3r Wrote: Author Last visit: 03-02-2014, 10:37 PM

Yes, you're right!
I hope to return soon to the forum.

hopefully found someone who wants to help update the plugin.
thanks for the feedback!

Cordial Saludo!

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