How To Install A MyBB Theme | Written Tutorial | Highly Detailed
Welcome MyBB, this tutorial is made 100% from scratch by me, BreShiE.

Okay so first off you're going to want to select a theme you want, you can do this by going here.

Once you found your forum, for the purpose of this tutorial I'm going to be using "Green edge"

So once you selected the theme you want, you should get a page like this:
[Image: b87ae3fa39d9e5ebcf85d42d222d2a98.png]

If you want to see what it looks like on a site, click the "PREVEIM/DEMO" button
[Image: b008bdfdb8b45fe7deb3b82a8122b44d.png]

But if you just want to download it then click then "DOWNLOAD" button.
[Image: cba5b56908cc0ac3741764aae3356005.png]

Once that is downloaded you're going to want to extract to somewhere you can remember it, for this tutorial, I'm going to use my desktop.

Once you've done that, you're going to want to find the images folder, for the theme that I chose it's all in one folder, now yours may be different. But once you've found your theme's "images" folder, there should be another folder inside of that called something similar to what the theme is, now inside of that will be all the images for your theme. This images folder is called "Greenedge". So once you've located the folder with the images in, compress the folder to a .ZIP. Now, compressing it to a .ZIP is extremely important, as it is supported by all cpanels.

Okay so once you compressed your folder, you're going to want to go to your cpanel. For the purpose of this tutorial I'm going to be using mine, yours may look different.
[Image: efe1d2d9f24f502c0dd5ad5f2a2f0893.png]

Now, you're going to want to go to your file manager.
[Image: 69b4441c6d085e65a635d473adca6bf8.png]

Once in there you should have all your files for MyBB, if not, go to the location of where you uploaded MyBB.

Once you're in your MyBB directory, find the "images" folder.
[Image: 0c801f5fea4f768a8b041c6a17db0bae.png]

Go into it.

Once in that directory, you're going to want to click "Upload".
[Image: bf7dc1d4a83c054b9d95edc9e71f4ee0.png]

Now, click "Choose File".
[Image: 7fe0de2ef0bcc1e4ae2ef5ae39122a5d.png]

Find the zip file that you made earlier and upload it.

Once that is uploaded, you're going to want to extract it, so go back to your image directory, find the ZIP file you just uploaded and click "Extract"
[Image: 4cd6e5def0bfa28896075ae43d7adfd5.png]

Okay, you're now done in the cpanel, you may now close it if you wish.

You're now going to want to go to the ACP (Admin Control Panel) on your forum.

Because my sites are down due to a bandwidth attack, I'm now going to use the images I find on google images, so don't worry if yours looks a bit different.


Okay now you've logged into your ACP. Click on the "Templates & Styles" tab.
You should see something similar to this:
[Image: e510b478efec70b1f7d1f905822e4062.png]

Now, click "Import New Theme" found near the middle of the page.
You should now see something similar to this:
[Image: c13916cf9bf3b2b22759c45c7387f0e2.png]

Click "Choose File", once you've done that, find the folder of where you saved your theme, open up the folder, and find the .xml file. It should look similar to this:
[Image: 7d91696f12bd83b098b38f33ee8dca82.png]

Now you've done that, it's time to name it and make sure everything is fine.

Make sure that the "Parent theme" is set to "MyBB Master Style".

Name it "New" or anything you would like it to be called.

To make sure it works fine, check the "Ignore Version Compatibility".
[Image: 75200e3b2a6afe499890da957ff42785.png]

Now that's done, click "Import Theme". Wait for that to load, it may take a while.

Once it's finished importing, click the "Templates & Styles" tab again to take you back there. Now you're going to want to set your new theme as your main.

It sounds quite hard doesn't it? Well let me assure you that it's not Smile

All you have to do is click the little green arrow found next to your new theme.
(I would show an image for this but only 15 was allowed)

Now, for the best part! Go to your forum URL, and look at your sexy new skin! Big Grin

This was a tutorial by BreShiE. 100% made by me, took me so long to do so please keep the topic alive!

If you have any problems be sure to post them and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

BreShiE = Me
I need to get my name changed.
Awesome theme's website have many outdated themes. So its better to download from official website:
(2012-02-04, 04:43 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: Awesome theme's website have many outdated themes. So its better to download from official website:

I just used them for an example, they can download theme's form anywhere they like and this tutorial will still apply.
Anyone else got anything to say on this tutorial?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Using FTP is way easier then using the file manager in control panel.
I agree, not every host uses cpanel, my suggestions would be to retry this using Filezilla in the uploading process, and the MyBB mods database for choosing your theme.
I definitely recommend FTP over cPanel, as someone like me includes more than just the image files in the zip. I include PSDs, sometimes other sources, as well as the .XML file. Use FTP instead! Smile
[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
Just used this. Great guide! Thank you!
@Audentio, fair enough.I'll probably re-write this up when I get the time using FileZilla instead. I'll listen to you because I use one of your themes Toungue

@bigjzoo, I'm glad it helped you!
great >>>> keep it up

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