Poll: Which database engine should be use with mybb?
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Not Solved [Installing] Which database engine should be use in new installaton of mybb?
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Hello, today i installed Mybb on my new forum http://www.technoforumstalk.com/ and i choose the Mysql db engine in place of MySQL improved, is my decision is right? Can this will create problem for my forum in future if my forum become larger? Please help me for this confusion, which database engine should be use in mybb installation.

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MySQLi is an improved version of the MySQL database driver. It's fine to use either, you can always switch between them both at any time.

Just edit ./inc/config.php and replace $config['database']['type'] = 'mysql'; with $config['database']['type'] = 'mysqli';

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i use mysqli with little problem.
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I use MySQLi. I don't know of a reason to not use the Improved version.
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