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Ownage Gaming - Multi Console Clan
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Introduction: Ownage Gaming was founded in 2011 by OwnZ_Punjab (me). This clan is for any platform that can play online games. For example, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PSP, Nintendo DS, ETC. We are currently recruiting and it is easy to get in so join while you can!

How to join: To join you got to go to <snip> and make an app

What is the App format: The format is -
marked with * are required




*Console your applying for:

Experiences on other clans:

Why do you want to join:

*Why do We need you?:

*Will you Donate?(honest question, if no don't worry about it we understand):

Write a little about yourself:

What are you good at?:

Do you have teamviewer?:

*Do you have xFire or Steam (either one is ok but you need to have one, unless you play console):

Any other questions just post and I will answer it. Thanks for looking.

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