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Get Free Hosting
[Image: b3f71336b46be5ab9e55dadc5e26ddd2.png]

Credit Host is a hosting service provided by for those who don't want to invest real money for hosting. Here instead of real money you have to pay Forum Credits, that can be earned by posting around our forum.

The Credit Host Service will provide the following things:
  • Quota (MB): 1000
  • Bandwidth (MB): 10000
  • Max FTP Accounts: 5
  • Max Email Accounts: 5
  • Max Databases: 20
  • Max Sub Domains: 50
  • Max Parked Domains: 3
  • Max Addon Domains: 3

Rules & Requirements:
  • We do not host ILLEGAL contents, adult content, warez, hacking, nulled scripts etc. If anyone uses these mentioned things or any illegal material, their account will be suspended.
  • You must fulfill the requirement for a hosting account before you request for one in our "Credit Host Request" forum
  • You have to request for the hosting once and you must have the required Forum Credit in your account before you request.
  • The required Forum Credits will be deducted from your account every month. If your account does not have required Credits while renewal, A reminder will be sent to you regarding the issue, and you have to pay a late fee of 10 Forum Credits extra.
  • If you don't respond to a Forum Credit Payment reminder, your account will be suspended after 1 month.
  • As the minimum character in a post for Credit earning is 15, Try to avoid Excessive dots(.) or similar characters while posting in the forum.


This Service Costs Only 40 Forum Credits per month.

How to Order Credit Host?

You will have go to our Credit Host Request Forum and Make a new thread there or simply Click Here. You must follow the default posting template and fill up the details there.

The posting template should look like this in default:

[b]Website Name: [/b]
[b]Website Url: [/b]
[b]E-mail: [/b]

Now The Best Part:
For the promotion of this hosting service, We decided to giveaway free 1 month trials for users who apply for hosting. No Forum Credits needed for the first month! Enjoy our Service.
(Offer Valid till 18th feb)

The Hosting Accounts details of your Website will be sent to you via email. So please provide a valid email address in order to get details and support!

Enjoy Our Hosting Service. If you have any queries or difficulties regarding to the host, feel free to open a new thread in our Forum & Hosting Support

You can Live chat using Gtalk too. GTALK: [email protected]

Anurag M
Extremely Reliable for Everyone Else

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