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Average Cost for a PSD to MyBB Conversion?
So I have a couple questions:

1 - Does anyone know of a good (affordable) service that can convert a PSD over to a MyBB theme?

2 - If this is mostly a community-driven service, what is the typical price range?

To give an idea of how complex my theme would be, here's a pic:

I've already tried my hand at coding it, but I'm mostly having trouble with the forums, or emulating the curved look above.

- First, I tried an all-div approach. It worked and it looked great, but the text (within the 'cells') would not vertically center (like a table).
- Next, I tried a table version, but I'm having trouble with the curves, it's just so frustrating!
- I simply have no time to rip my hair out, with both school and work on my shoulders.

Anyway, just to wet my curiosity, how much would a service for this type of theme cost? I can't say I'd be ready to pay at the moment, I'm merely seeking information for now.

Thank you for any potential answers, and as always, love this community!
in general, it starts around 30$ ... but looking at the picture, its about 50$ - 75$
Thanks for the response, ranjani! That price range seems fair. Is there any formal list with designers with a proven quality track record of doing this type of service? I may be pushing too hard here, but it might be worth knowing in the long run.

My apologies if this is easily accessible somewhere; I may have skipped it.

I can do this for around $75. I have a portfolio available by request. Just PM me Smile.
Thank you for the offer WebOutfit, I have sent you a PM!
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I can do this for $50, PMed!
<snip - no referral links>

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