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[For 1.6] Battlefield 3
hi Johnny, how could I to change to theme so that when refresh the page a new background is displayed?
I have a problem the skin package. I installed everything correctly, and such a thing is after activation. Forum is the latest version.

<img src="" alt="1.jpg"/>
Make sure that you have uploaded bf3 image folder in correct location (inside your forum root/images).
Hey Johnny, Is there anyway to set the sidebars default state to viewable?

I have a lot of incompetent users that continually miss that option and would like to just enable it so they are not missing content that I'd like them to see.
Wish I knew how to display my awards on this theme. :I
Man please i want to the download link For This Theme
(2014-07-17, 06:48 AM)Dr.Mano Wrote: Man please i want to the download link For This Theme
hey can this be updated and possibly for 1.8? cause the theme is a mess atm :{
i could try and upgrade it for 1.8 and release it here
its not my theme, but if i have permission from the author i can upgrade it

ps:this was the theme that made come to mybb

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