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Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate every post.
Nice clean look. I like your color choices.

Good topic, but very difficult topic to get traffic with.
I've been getting a very desirable amount of traffic.
Hmm, why a 1 star rating :/
I love your theme and logo. Rather simple but fits the concept very nicely. Problem for me to join your site is that there's already a great MyBB community forum here Wink
[Image: GpMplayconnecSQt.gif]
Thanks for the comment. But I agree with you, there is a great MyBB community here. In fact, it is the best for many reasons. But there is so many tutorials, so many new themes, and so many members posting you cannot always find the best content. Sometimes smaller is better. And some veterans from here have signed up, you can connect with them on a more personal level on a smaller forum. I also release all of my themes on there Smile

I guess it is all about perspective.
Hopefully more people can view this Smile
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Nice site
Get Minecraft for free with

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