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Looking for a board Administrator
Note: An administrator has been selected. Thank you everybody for your interest.

My forum is looking for one more administrator,

  • Either a plugin coder or a themer
  • Experienced with MyBB software
  • Experience running communities
  • Willing to contribute their creations to the board

You'll be expected to help out with advertising and posting content. No money will be expected to come out of your pocket.

  • Access to all my of custom themes
  • Opportunity to create business relationships with myself and my clients
  • First hand experience in making another community successful

There is not many benefits that I can decide, everyone has their own motives. But two people can work better than one at creating something successful.
Good luck.
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
I have used the word a lot in the past, and heard it used by others. Aka an active theme developer. Also, what happened with the General Discussion redirect?

edit: I see you edited your post, thank you.
I'll consider this further when I wake up.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
Okay, I'll be awaiting your answer.
Still looking for an administrator. One fell through and two others didn't fit the requirements. The board has been growing steadily, another Administrator will only double it's growth.
Yeah, i'll give you a hand.
What can you offer?

HTML/CSS Coding experience, and By the look of it, the ability to speed the forum up.
Still looking for an able admin.

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