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My Forum Got Hacked?
Today I noticed my forum giving me 500 Internal error. So far everything was working before but its happened suddenly. Then I went to check my forum folder as its on subdirectory. I saw its permissions are XXX so I tried to change it to 705. But I got an error in ftp saying that "550 Could not change perms on forum: Permission denied" and then it restore to permission XXX . Please help me out. I am not sure if I got hacked or not. Also unable to enter into the forum through ftp access. showing error " 550 Can't change directory to forum: Permission denied " when I click to enter inside of it.

Forum Link :
well, it cannot be hacked !! internal server error 500 appears due to many reasons ; server error log should have the clue ...
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Try contacting your host. They might have disabled CHMOD perms.
I tried to create a new directory in same domain and hosting and they are working, even tho I can change permissions on them but beside the forum directory which I am having the issue.

example :
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
That 550 error comes only when the CHMOD perms is disabled for that particular directory. I do that change via root in my VPS for some sensitive areas, so the only way I believe is to contact your host and ask him.
Edit : not seen above response Smile

you have to try changing CHMOD permissions at web host's file manager ...
I have linux web hosting server. can you tell me how can I do it? I tried to use the FTP manager in web server but when I click ok after giving the permission its telling me "cannot read directory". and then rolling back to default one. Sad
If you have ssh access try and change the perms via that if an error comes up it should be more detailed
I had this, if it randomly starts.. my issue was a htaccess coding error..

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