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Looking for coder for forum
++Quick introduction++

A betting forum, not just talking about betting but a credit based betting system built in for some fun. No money will ever be exchanged for gambling this is purely for fun.

++Who I'm looking for++

I'm looking for someone who has experience with Mybb development and can show proof of that. Preferred to have some experience with NewPoints plugin, if you can develop the betting system quicker with NP.


I would also like someone who would be willing to spend some time going over ideas and how they feel best to approach the project. Someone who can work with myself and overs would be greatly appreciated.

++Project timescale and budget++

The time scale will vary since I've not developed a full project plan yet as my technical skills are not good enough to say what needs to be done and what way for sure. If this can be done within about 3 months that would be good as I don't have the necessary budget to keep you working full time on this project.


If you plan on accepting this project. I will require a formal contract between us both where I will pay a retainer for your services (around $200) I would like this project to be finished about $500/600 if possible. But I'm willing to go up and down depending on the time scale and work completed.

++To apply++

To apply reply here or Pm me so I can get to you with more details

What types of bets ie sports, or more like Intrade?
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation

(2012-02-14, 07:20 AM)seeker Wrote: What types of bets ie sports, or more like Intrade?

Sports and real world but for now I'm keeping it to single, doubles and multiples.

I've found a willing coder who I'm happy to work with. A mod can close or delete this thread (couldn't get it to work for me)

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