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Betting forum design
hi guys,

Some of you may of previously seen a thread where I was looking for a coder for a betting forum. Now I'm interesting in dipping my toes in the pool of designers MyBB has.

This is only a thread of interest rather then request as I can design myself but I'm very biased towards myself rather then the users.

Theres not really anything out there to use an an example of how I want my board to look. Only one I can find is.

The theme would require sidebars for the plugin to show hot, new bets for example.

I would require someone who also is good with logos and can come up within something creative for betboard.

As stated above this is just in interest not an actual request. If you think your capable of pulling something mighty off then please leave a quote below with some details as I would like to know how much you can do for me Smile



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