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Not Solved How to prevent duplicate user names across multiple mybb forum installs?
Not Solved
I have a series of forums for separate domains. I would PREFER a single sign on across all the forums but my understanding is that it isn't possible. However, I would like to at least keep all of the user accounts synchronized.

I plan to take the user accounts from the existing forum and import them into my new mybb forum install. That works for initial setup but what can I do going forward to ensure that the new user registration checks all of the databases for existing user name first?

Thanks for your help
Would it be possible to create the users in a different database?

I have 3 forums all running on the same server.


I create a database called Master.


When a new user is registered, if I can create the user in the Master database, I could replicate the new users down into the Forum1db, Forum2db, Forum3db. Each forum would have individual statistics and I would prefer global statistics. Perhaps I could use the Master database for all of the forums?

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