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Monetizing Bay | Need Staff | Brand New Community | Custom Theme
[Image: 20494744.png]

Please visit us:

Hello, I just made a new website and its about Monetizing and its a mybb forum with a awesome custom theme that was made by meBig Grin
We need staff so please PM me with the following template-


Will you be active?:
Can you help us promote MB?:

I am thinking on buying a ad spot on some very popular forums like HF:thumbsup:

Please give me some feedback on this cool forumBig Grin

Nice domain but theme is bit too sharp.
As Yaldaram said the contrast is a bit to much on the eyes (imo).

I would also recommend cutting down on the number of forums since so many are empty, obviously all them aren't needed right now.
What is anyone's incentive to join and/or become staff?
My Plugins: [1.8]|[1.6]

** Selling custom plugin that enables Bitcoin payments. PM me if interested in purchasing! **
No offense but even I did a better job than you.....
And I still say mine is bad Big Grin
What a wonderful blue host page! Big Grin
(2012-02-22, 01:48 AM)WebOutfit Wrote: What a wonderful blue host page! Big Grin

oh yeah Big Grin

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