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Not Solved where can i find...
Not Solved
where can i find the shout box plugin or settings like so users and everyone can talk to each other on the main page
Not Solved
There is a plugin for it.
Not Solved
ok i downloaded the plugin and i followed the instructions and put everything inside the upload folder into the upload folder in the forums place and i cant find the myshoutbox settings in config->settings help
Not Solved
did you install and activate it? you need to check your plugins menu in ACP to do that.
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Not Solved
its not there its not in plugins menu ??
Not Solved
If it's not showing on the Plugins page in the ACP then you haven't uploaded the files correctly.
Not Solved
nevermind solved thanks
actually can someone tell me where do i replace {shoutbox} with {shoutbox_KEY} ??

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