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[For 1.6] Profile Report v0.1
Its X amount of days. Majority of spammers/bots try to use usercp once after they registers, so I think it will still prevent spamming.

I have installed the plugin today but this one have a bug.
I tested the plugin and after I have gif a reason I click on send and then I reseave the error that there is no reason given. But I set a reason and still I get the error no reason given.

How to fix this??
[Image: 5dMOCPt.png]
Seems like a decent plugin mate.
[Image: Kewlz.jpg]

^^ Click to check my rank. Big Grin
Can you please post your website's URL and any testing account ?
Url is:

test account is:
Username: TestAccount
Password: 123456789

I have move the profile report option, this one is found now underneed Warninglevel. (you see there the icon)

[Image: 5dMOCPt.png]
You incorrectly translated the plugin.

Open "profile_report_page" Global template and find;
<textarea name="reden" id="reason" rows="5" cols="70" tabindex="2"></textarea>
and Change it into;
<textarea name="reason" id="reason" rows="5" cols="70" tabindex="2"></textarea>

Suggestion: Do not translate the plugin's code while translating other strings.
Ok thanks, I gonna try this Smile
[Image: 5dMOCPt.png]
No problem, let me know does it work ? Smile
(2012-04-19, 10:12 PM)Yaldaram Wrote: No problem, let me know does it work ? Smile

Hell yeah!! hahaha Big GrinBig Grin
Now the option works perfect!!!!

Great I hit the reputation button again to thank you!

For my own, I have edited the option a little bit, I have delete the icon next the username te report a profile and have made a new click option underneed buddy options see the image:

[Image: profilereport.png]

The language is Dutch
I like this more then next to the username (own tast Wink )
What do you thing off the little edit? Look nice or do you don't like it?

Greatings and thanks again!!!
[Image: 5dMOCPt.png]
Nice. Smile

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