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[Search] Minecraft Theme 4 Server
Hey Users,

-First I would like to announce that i am german so my english is not the best. I hope u are still able to understand what i want ^^

I am searching a Minecraft Theme for my german Server Crafting Territory. The perfect case would be German but an English Desing won't harm

I already know those other themes of chillax and this other one which is also free to download.

I would like to have a nice easy minecraft theme as or[url=]but i unfortunately have one problem, our "money" ran out or it had never been there :/
-> if its not too much work a logo desing would be very nice as well ( Crafting Territory )

if someone would like to do it please pn me or maybe we can talk in skype.

Thankx alot to the guy who does this Smile

MFG Deffdub ( Crafting Territory Server )


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