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How can I Improve and Promote my Forum?
I've been having trouble trying to achieve new active members on the forum. I believe what's adding to the problem is that people are too overwhelmed when they look at the register page, and that people are too lazy to check their email right away.

I personally want to avoid plugins such as Facebook Connect and so on, because they tend to receive a lot of exploitation. I've also tried out Vanilla forums for a while and have found that the registration process is extremely quick and simple; people do not have to worry.

I'm wondering if there are any ways I could enhance and promote my forum that I'm not aware of. Please let me know if you have any advise on this matter. It would help me out a lot. My forum is
[Image: MK1lK.png]
Well the text in the top-right corner that says "Drift Apex Forum (strawberry join. NOW!)" doesn't appeal to me much.

Your forum is in the gaming and technology niche, a niche that has tons of competition. Basically you gotta ask yourself "what makes my forum different from all the other ones?". You need to stand out and be unique if you want to attract long lasting active members.

Around the part where you have "Join the Community Today!" text, you could also explain what will members be getting access to. You can edit the registration page to spice it up a bit, or change it to allow instant activation of registrations, but watch for spam bots. Make sure you got spam protection if you decide to do that.
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Ha, I've forgotten that I've put that text in the top-right corner for a live streaming event I had. I'll remove it. Toungue

I have understood that the gaming and technology niches have a lot of competition since when I started my website. I'll consider allowing instant activation of registrations since the new spam bot protection plugins I've installed pretty well.

I do know of ways that my forum is better than all of the other ones, so I'll be sure to add a list of what people will be getting by registering. Thanks for your suggestions.

Anyone else have any feedback?
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