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Not Solved merge system - smf to mybb
Not Solved Exclamation 
Greetings i am trying to convert my smf forum sql to mybb i have tried already to install fresh mybb to this subdomain:

and while in the instruction in the mybb merge system i also uploaded the merge in the said subdomain but when i go to this specific forlder to merge or convert my smf sql dbase to mybb this error shown

"500 Internal Server Error
Directory "/home/christi4/public_html/forums/merge" is writeable by group"

i had tried already to change the permission to remove the writeable by group. but it is still the same.

What do i need to do... newbie at mybb...

Not Solved
This is not something related to MyBB or to the Merge System. You will need to contact your host if your permission changes do not stick.

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