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Twitter / Facebook Login

I was looking for these plugins, which are on most
sites these days...where a member can click on
the twitter / facebook icon, connect to the site,
then use it to auto login to the forum.

I would like to see twitter / facebook icon so members
can send their own posts to twitter / facebook, so
I am not sure if they are avail or not.

please let me know if they are.

Facebook Connect:
Twitter Login:

Most certainly won't be added to 1.6 core.
Thank You sir,

(02-29-2012, 08:46 AM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Facebook Connect:
Twitter Login:

Most certainly won't be added to 1.6 core.

Is there a way to limit members from editing their profiles?
lets say a member must make x amount of posts, then their
profile access would be opened up...

I noticed that I am just getting signups with spammers
dropping their links in their profiles, which is not useful to me....

I do not mind giving someone dropping a link if they provide some
useful content, but if they dont do for me, then I wont do for them.

I am also looking for a plugin that will allow members to be able
to use simple html codes; I have a plugn that will allow any html
to be used, but I would like to allow certain html tags to be used in posts.

for this purpose, you should contact a freelancer and pay him for doing it. You see, everyone has different demands and all of them can't be there by default. So the only choice is to hire someone

A tip for keeping away from spammers>>
activate "akismet" really works on the posts.
About profiles, you can delete users based on certain criteria. So run a monthly user delete for users with 0 posts.
Every one is referring to this but :'( fbconnect.php is not opening :'(

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