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Imperial : NextGen theme for mybb. Renovated profiles, showthread and more!
PixelMonkey presents

Imperial theme for mybb

Imperial for mybb is a different theme. It brings you a unique design that can fit almost any genre. usually such kind of themes are default know that.

When the development started, it was going to be a normal theme with css modification and some minor template edits. But then an idea flashed...and many of the templates were rewritten and the looks renovated. Main attractions are the profiles and showthread.

key features
  • jquery modal login box screenshot
  • jquery dropdown quick panel screenshot
  • brand new message icon like facebook screenshot
  • CSS3 transitions and animations
  • fluid design
  • CSS based postbit buttons.
  • NEW user profile with tab based design screenshot
  • NEW showthread which is more organized and has a better lookin user info screenshot
  • sexy breadcrumbs screenshot

Featured to be expected in version 2
  • tab based usercp and modcp
  • sexy portal
oh yeah! have a peek. The theme all set for you to buy it from PixelMonkey showroom

forum index (mouse hovered on a post title)

forum index (mouse hovered on thead and login panel open)

#UPDATED -> now using modal box for login!

showthread (mouse hovered over the PM icon)

help page (user quick panel open)

Showthread (with some code and an attachment)

User profile (hovered over the warning box which stays gray otherwise)

Threadlist with a subforum (hovered over the new reply button)

breadcrumbs :
error/warnings :
Amazing theme. Big Grin

Keep up.
That's quality. Will definitely buy.
This is simply astonishing.
Wow, its the best theme I ever seen in MyBB and you should add the Round Stat bar below.
Your Sign In should make a Modal box instead of login panel open.
Thanks guys for the appreciation !

(02-29-2012, 01:04 PM)ThinkChange Wrote: Wow, its the best theme I ever seen in MyBB
thank you! ^^

Quote:you should add the Round Stat bar below.
I didn't quote understand. Do you mean the ipb-like stats?

Quote:Your Sign In should make a Modal box instead of login panel open.
Even i was thinking of that. i'll probably implement this soon.
Nice theme, maybe look a little bit like IPB, but yeah i would like to buy it too.
It looks like you have followed IPB, it is just a excellent theme. Please tell how much the price will be? Smile
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Excellent. Keep it up.
Looks good though the messages icon looks a little choppy and I reckon the new thread button is maybe a little big. Definitely a great theme though - keep it up Big Grin

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