Not Solved Need help quick! With a downloaded theme
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I am totally new to this. I need help quick!

So I downloaded and applied a theme called

4.1.1 '' Public Theme

After I applied it, and loaded up my own logo, the page location tree disappeared, and there is this weird line "encodeURIComponent(location.href) "

On the top of my forum page.
This is my forum

How do I fix it?

Without the forum page location tree, it is very inconvenient for users to click back to visit the category they were in. It sucks to have to click on "back" on the browser to go back a page.

I also have quite a few other things I need to figure out, because I am a newbie to forum, and web design in general.

If anyone is willing to provide direct support on my forum and site, please PM me. Smile
Thanks you!

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--- appears that above issue is fixed ---
Not Solved
(2012-03-02, 04:09 PM)ranjani Wrote: --- appears that above issue is fixed ---

Only a part of it is fixed. The line of code in the header is gone, but I still need to figure out a way to add a tree in there for easier forum jump.

Any idea what I should do?

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^ it appears that navigation related code is missing from templates ..
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(2012-03-03, 05:23 PM)ranjani Wrote: ^ it appears that navigation related code is missing from templates ..

Could you please write the code for me? I'd like it to appear in blue text on the white background right under the facebook icon.

The same kind of blue as the blue below the mentioned location.


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