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Moderator Abilities?
So on my forums, one of the moderators got hacked by a former moderator and archived the whole forums. Since I was the only mod on, I got banned by that guy. He even repped "Sexy and I know it" to a person who helped him hack. An admin got on and removed that guy's mod abilities. I got unbanned. I was told to unarchive the whole forums and recategorize all the threads by the same admin who unbanned me (35 pages).

But I couldn't because I lost my super moderator status and became a regular moderator. The admin claims to have given me back my super mod status, my group membership even showed "Super Mod" but my abilities to move posts, archive, edit posts, and all that other stuff are gone. I can only ban, which I've already banned the hacker. I've also told the admin, but he says he has given it back to me.

Is there like a temporary suspension in abilities after a moderator's ban expires or gets unbanned? Like my Super Mod titles are still there, yet I got the abilities of a regular mod. Because I have 35 pages of posts to move and no other moderator is online to help.
there is no such temporary suspension period for super moderator privileges by default .. your user group might be shown as a
super moderator but it does not have required privileges to move posts .. etc. forum Admin has to check your profile and fix it

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