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Not Solved [Error Message] Error in SMTP implementation
Not Solved Bug 
I updated my previous post with the reason why I got the error. Since making a 1st reply to your own post doesn't move the thread back to the top and the thread slipped to the 3rd page already I fear this might escape the attention of the people that can implement a permanent fix.

That's why I'm making this new one to point to the previous one.

(I know I might get flamed for this but I saw no easy other alternative given the circumstances mentioned above.)
Not Solved
Hi, Did you try the default mail functions? Is there a real need to mess w/ SMTP?
[email protected] as the sender has worked well for me (Yahoo mail tends to go into the inbox not spam)
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation

Not Solved
AFAIK the SMTP config that you need to put in php.ini only works in windows (info from: ), on a Linux box only "localhost" is accepted.
And since I'm using a Linux box (Ubuntu server v11.10) and really don't want to install an MTA on it, my only other alternative is SMTP.

the php.ini file also specifically states:
Quote:[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
SMTP = localhost

edited to add: And I presume not all smtp servers are as strict, some may let it pass, others may not.
My ISP's relay server doesn't Undecided ...

And now I got mail working by changing the site's source code

in the file [site root]/inc/mailhandlers/smtp.php
change line #156
Quote:$this->helo = $this->host;
Quote:$this->helo = 'MyBB-Forum';
I know it would be better to add the hostname of the server (and not a fixed hardcoded value) but I can't readily remember the code to get the servername back.
... but atleast I can send mails (and account activation mails) now

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