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Hello Everyone,

I am proud to introduce FreeMyBB Free MyBB Forum Hosting! We offer Free MyBB 1.6 hosting, which includes tons of pre-installed themes, plugins and more!

Our Community Forums are proudly powered by MyBB and are a place for FreeMyBB members to get help and support as well as chat with other FreeMyBB forum hosting users.

FreeMyBB offers many features other free forum hosts do not, including free backups on request, the ability to use your own domain name with your hosted forum for FREE and more!

We are an ad-supported service, however for a limited time all header ads on hosted forums are disabled! You will also be able to earn FREE ad-removal impressions by doing things such as reporting a bad forum, hitting milestones and referring new members to FreeMyBB.

If you want a MyBB forum but don't want to deal with the hassle of installing it yourself or maintaining it or hosting, FreeMyBB is the solution for you!

Check us out today and let me know what you think. Smile
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Good work Brandon. Smile

Looks like you finally completed the MyBB multiforums for 1.6x

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